Funtastic Friday Bingo!!

Funtastic Friday Bingo…

Weekends are always where the action is… Our promotions are looking pretty special and we are offering fabulous Jackpots and prizes all weekend long, not to mention Chat Games and Fun!


*All Cash Matches Will Be Paid Into Your Bonus Account! *Cash matches awarded on every deposit for bingo only from 9am-Midnight *wagering terms and conditions apply. *Maximum of £400 cash match money per player today.

What’s the Saying? – Friday, 6.00pm

Know your catchphrases? Can you beat the puzzles in What’s the Saying?

Just look at the PICTURE in Studio 1 and guess the very popular SAYING / PHRASE / REBUS. You may need to THINK OUT OF THE BOX!! Join us every Friday from 6pm for this super-hit mind bending game. Why wait? PLAY NOW and get addicted – everyone can join in and there is some extra cash up for grabs!

Bullseye is Back!

Win up to 11 Amazing Prizes! We love a bit of bully here so join us Monday and Friday at 7pm to win a crazy prize on top of your Bingo win.

The Chat Host Host will announce before the Game if the 1 Line, 2 Line or Full House Winner will qualify. With more prizes and more winners this is the game to play. Make sure you are online to pick up your bully brilliant prize.

Our Amazing Slot of the Week

Extreme – The Extreme 3D animated slot game is out of this world! Sheriff Gaming is bringing slots to a new dimension with this 5-reel, 20-line 3D animated slot that’s set in deep space. The Extreme slot game features the debut of an Extreme version of a Wild symbol, the Dropping Wild Cube, and there’s also a new Extreme Multiplier Cube that awards generous multipliers. Plus, the Extreme Free Spins bonus game can launch winnings into the next galaxy. Players can set their sights on the stars with this exciting 3D animated slot game! Extreme is an animated 3D slot game that features a terrific theme, great bonus features and spectacular animations, plus it’s fun and easy to play! Try your chances at getting winning combinations in this hot new 20 win line, 5 reel, 3 row video slot game.

Studio 1 Bingo Jackpots

18.56 Jackpot – £500 for 50 Calls or less: 1 Line = £8, 2 Lines = £15, Full House = £90
22.56 Jackpot – £1000 for 48 Calls or less: 1 Line = £15, 2 Lines = £30, Full House = £125

Community shared Jackpot

23.56 – £2000 for 49 Calls or less: 1 Line=£30, 2 Lines=£45, Full House=£250

If you are the lucky winner you will receive £1000 and all other players who participated in the winning Jackpot Game will receive an equal share of the remaining £1000 Jackpot. You only need 1 ticket to be in the game!

Tournament Bingo Every day at 11am and 5pm

£7 to join in and play 90 number triple chance bingo for the whole hour! All line prizes are £5. At the end of the hour we will add up and find the top 3 winners of the hour.

Tournament prizes are 1st prize £70; 2nd prize £40; 3rd prize £30 and 4th prize £15. (Bonus funds if tickets are bought with bonus money for the hour, funded only players qualify).

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